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Protocols. To REST or not to REST?

REST, WebSockets, JSON-RPC

For a beginner, of course, it's more convenient to start with REST - requests to the server in any way.

For the more experienced, especially fullstackers, I suggest to take a look at JSON-RPC.

WebSockets is convenient because it gives bidirectional communication (the server can send messages to the client), but requires special software on the backend.


After an experience with JSON-RPC, communication with back end is usually never the same again.

It gives order, clarity, rigor and at the same time flexibility. It greatly simplifies and makes code understandable both on the frontend and backend.

In addition, JSON-RPC is the de facto standard for Web 3.0 communications.

A variant of TypeScript implementation of frontend api service on JSON-RPC - here.

When using JSON-RPC, switching to WebSockets or other transport protocols will not cause any difficulties due to the unification of the message format.

How to organize reconnection of WebSocket connection on the front?

You need an Event bus, which will work as a proxy for incoming messages.

You can use mitt.

What is GraphGL?

A complex thing, an attempt to translate SQL query language for client-server queries on the web.

It has a rather specific use, mostly with third-party data providers via APIs.

For your own fullstack application - 99% unnecessary solution.