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This FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) is created on the most frequently touched topics in Reddit r/vuejs/ and Telegram chat @vuejs_ru.

The level of questions and answers covers both beginners and experienced frontend developers.

As answers are used both generally recognized, verified and objective information, and subjective opinion of the author.

The increase in complexity does not come from the top down. The first questions and answers describe non-obvious points that may be interesting for experienced programmers.

The main sources of information - official documentation of Vue 3 and Vite, the book Vue.js 3 Design Patterns and Best Practices, r/vuejs/, @vuejs_ru.

Relevance of the information - 2022-2023 years.

About the author:

Ruslan Makarov - independent consultant, full-stack engineer with 20+ years of experience in SD, AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Sun Certified Java Developer.