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Getting started

Installation via create vue-webapp

With this method, you can select which options will be installed:

$ pnpm create vue-webapp

 Project name: ... my-vue-project
 Add a Splash screen? ... no / yes
 Make it PWA (adds service worker and manifest)? ... no / yes
 Add Open Graph meta tags? ... no / yes
 Add Google Analytics code? ... no / yes
 Add Github Action Workflow for publishing it on GitHub Pages? ... no / yes
 Select application layout » MainLayout
 Select navigation drawer » SimpleDrawer
 Select webapp navbar » MantineSimpleNavbar
 Select webapp header » MantineSimpleHeader
 Select webapp footer » MantineRichFooter
 Add API layer (REST)? ... no / yes
 Add JSON-RPC adapter? ... no / yes

Scaffolding project in /home/ubuntu/my-vue-project...
Silent installation

It is possible to scaffold the app without manually entering parameters by specifying a configuration file with options:

pnpm create vue-webapp -c config.json
// or
pnpm create vue-webapp --config config.json

The format of the config.json file should be like this:

  "projectName": "my-vue-project",
  "splashScreen": false,
  "pwa": true,
  "openGraph": false,
  "googleAnalytics": false,
  "githubActionsGithubPagesWorkflow": true,
  "layout": "mainLayout",
  "navigationDrawer": "SimpleDrawer",
  "navbar": "MantineSimpleNavbar",
  "header": "MantineSimpleHeader",
  "footer": "MantineRichFooter",
  "api": true,
  "jsonRpc": false,
  "overwrite": true

The overwrite parameter tells whether to overwrite the content in case of existing directory. It accepts values: "yes", "no" and "ignore".

Also, the command

$ pnpm create vue-webapp .

will create the project in the current directory.

This method will only install the selected components and functionality

Initializing and launching a web application

$ cd my-vue-project
$ pnpm i
$ pnpm dev

Result in a browser:


Installation from the repository

With this method everything will be installed, but a minimum of functionality will be enabled. It is useful for testing all available components and functionality.

$ git clone
$ cd vue-webapp
$ pnpm i
$ pnpm dev