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Options when creating an application

Available options

The following options are currently available for configuration:

  • Layout - application layout
  • Header - top part in the application template
  • Footer - bottom part of the application template
  • Drawer - navigation bar
  • Navbar - navigation menu (inside the drawer).
  • Github Pages deploy Workflow - GitHub Actions script for build and deploy application to GitHub Pages
  • PWA - addition of Service worker and Manifest to the application
  • API module - abstraction layer for communication with backend API
  • JSON-RPC - adapter for API module
  • Splash screen - splash screen during application startup to improve UX
  • Google analytics - code for integration of Google analytics
  • Open graph - meta tags for building snippets by social networks

Available by default

  • Dark theme. All plugins support theme switching
  • BaseIcon - icon component with the ability to dynamically specify a name
  • BaseToggle - toggle component

In development

  • Global Preloader
  • i18n - internationalization of the application using different variants of i18n libraries.


  • Online showcase for dynamic testing of different variants of application parts and functionality
  • Expanding the number of variants of layout, header, footer and other components
  • Auth - module framework for authentication on JWT tokens, including different variants of registration and login forms.
  • Auth integration with popular service providers (Firebase and others).
  • GitHub Actions for application deployment to various services (Vercel, Heroku, Firesbase) and other useful CI/CD scripts.
  • Check on startup for application new version and reload to avoid browser cache issues
  • Themes - application themes (include both different color palettes and the ability to change other CSS parameters for deep customization of the templates and components)