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The application implements light and dark themes. All components support switching themes.

Themes are controlled via CSS variables, which are defined in the vars.css file. The theme selected by the user is stored in localStorage. The ThemeToggle component is responsible for theme switching.

It is possible to customize themes and create new ones by overriding CSS variables, which is recommended to do in the custom.scss file:

:root {
  --vwa-font-family-base: 'Roboto', sans-serif;
  --vwa-layout-max-width: 1280px;

  --vwa-c-border: #c2c2c4;
  --vwa-c-divider: #e2e2e3;
  --vwa-c-gutter: #e2e2e3;

  --vwa-c-text-1: rgba(60, 60, 67);
  --vwa-c-text-2: rgba(60, 60, 67, 0.78);
  --vwa-c-text-3: rgba(60, 60, 67, 0.56);
.dark {
  --vwa-c-text-1: rgba(255, 255, 245, 0.86);
  --vwa-c-text-2: rgba(235, 235, 245, 0.6);
  --vwa-c-text-3: rgba(235, 235, 245, 0.38);

/* ... etc */