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  • Lightweight, efficient web application with modern UI/UX
  • Vue 3, Composition API, script setup syntax
  • Do not use third party libraries unnecessarily. The only necessary dependency is vue-router.
  • Use clean and efficient HTML5 and CSS3 for layout
  • Include specific functionality only when needed
  • High degree of customization

  • Plugging in specific functionality, such as i18n, means not just adding that library to package.json, but a full-fledged minimal working integration - creating a corresponding composable function, multiple locales, and applying t() in a template for illustration with necessary comments in the code to facilitate later use and customization.

  • Integrating certain functionality that uses a third-party library (e.g. toaster or modal window) should be done through a wrapper, so that it would be easy for the developer to change the specific package that implements the functionality if desired.

  • The scaffolded web application uses TypeScript, but it is possible to continue developing the application in pure JavaScript.

  • Vite is used as the builder.

  • SCSS is used as the CSS preprocessor.

  • Antony Fu's eslint-config is used for linting and formatting in ESlint.

  • The result should be a Vue 3 application without not-needed dependencies, unless the user explicitly includes them in the framework.