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  1. Create a scaffolder of simple out-of-the-box SPA applications for a specific task in a few minutes, with the possibility of further customization and filling it with content.
  2. Fine-tune the application using effective functional code blocks.
  3. Collect and generalize the best techniques and practices for creating a modern reactive Vue application.
  4. Enable novice developers to familiarize themselves with the Vue.js ecosystem with ready-made examples, learn front-end and Vue 3 best practices, from building application architecture to naming CSS classes.
  5. Enable experienced developers to quickly and efficiently scaffold a ready to use web application and leverage reusable code blocks (boilerplates), especially those that cannot be distributed as NPM packages.

This application should act as a website wireframe builder, with the ability to choose when scaffolding:

  • A global business website template (portfolio, blog, online store, etc.)
  • Variations of the general layout of the web application
  • Specific component options (header, footer, navigation drawer, etc.)
  • General style/design options
  • Specific functionality injected as functional fragments (API module, i18n, PWA, splash screen, Auth module, themes, etc.)
  • GitHub actions options with the ability to build and deploy to popular hosting solutions
  • Ability to connect/integrate popular libraries (including UI) if needed
  • Possibility to integrate with certain headless CRM and API services

Separately, it is planned to create a web showcase, where the user, dynamically changing the parameters, will be able to view and test the available site layouts, themes/styling, components (header, footer, etc.) and functionality of future application, as well as their combination with each other.